Automotive message threads - an ocean of technical talk
AutoWeek Online
Bosch KE3-Jetronic fuel injection mixture adjustment
Bosch spark plug chart
Car Batteries Are Not 12 Volts - charge it right!
Cruise controls, climate controls, etc - sales and FAQs
Engine - BIG
Engine - fast!
Engine - faster!
F1 Racing - latest news, fast updates
Kelley's Blue Book - new and used car prices
Leatherique - THE way to maintain leather seats
Lighting - what works, what's fake
Mercedes coupe color brochure - Die S-Klasse-Coupés von Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes coupe interior colors
Mercedes coupe paint colors
Mercedes coupe road tests and reviews
Mercedes coupes - new home of the 560SEC group
Mercedes coupes - from Sweden, full of info
Mercedes option codes - at Amcon International
Mercedes option codes - Bekkoame in Japan
Mercedes paint codes
Mercedes SEC Owners Club - on Facebook
MPH versus RPM spreadsheet - make a customized graph
NADA appraisal guides
POR-15 - rust preventative paint and high temperature coatings
Speed limits, road rage, etc - fact or fiction?
Sunier Racing - here's Bernie!
Suspension angles and wheel offset
Tire Rack - good prices, great technical help
Videos - mostly car-related - free online car magazine
Wire sizes - convert between German and US standards

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