What happens when officials try to avoid (or abuse) the proper process?

1 April 2011: Missouri Legislature takes a shortcut, now faces a "do-over"
6 December 2011: Uplands Park fails to follow procedure, investigated by MODOT
18 December 2011: Judges permit forged signatures, draw fire from Presiding Judge
14 January 2012: Village of Riverview ignores the rules, criticized by State Auditor
18 January 2012: Redistricting commission ignores guidelines, Supreme Court says do it over
22 January 2012: City slips up on details, wrong men languish in jail
22 January 2012: Commission fails so badly their own attorney won't defend them
7 February 2012: City treasurer avoids bidding procedures, now being sued
8 February 2012: Legislature botches electoral rules, costs taxpayers $7,000,000
7 February 2012: Banks fake documents, fined $25 billion
9 February 2012: Company books expenses in wrong period, CEO and CFO fired - more
10 February 2012: Cop bypasses procedures, charged with felony
15 February 2012: Supreme Court tosses out ethics law because of the way legislators enacted it
18 February 2012: Ethics law violates constitution, governor says "Do it over"
22 February 2012: Legislature violates constitution again, another bill sent back
25 February 2012: Two judges investigated for bending the rules
8 March 2012: Court clerk may have altered 105 files as favor to friends
8 March 2012: Clerk charged with forging court orders
17 March 2012: Delegates distort procedure, caucus melts down
2 April 2012: Voter ID bill fraudulent, summary does not match content
17 August 2012: Schools cheat on tests
21 August 2012: City contractor pays three ghosts and a blackmailer ...
22 August 2012: ... and local politician scores $56,500
28 August 2012: Wrong ballots, do it over and more
31 August 2012: Alderman alters computer file and loses job
1 September 2012: Judge destroys documents, is suspended; and her clerk goes to court
8 September 2012: Man defrauds St. Louis parking contractor, guilty of federal wire fraud
13 September 2012: Fire chief makes $200,000 in undocumented purchases - FBI and IRS investigating
16 September 2012: Museum buys property from ex-mayor without appraisal - for four times its value - possible solution
20 September 2012: Police Board deliberately indifferent to unconstitutional conduct - rebuked by Federal judge
23 September 2012: Museum Board in the dark about finances ...
4 December 2012: ... and it may cost them $10 million
19 March 2013: Good law ruled unconstitutional - because it was poorly written

But what happens when a situation is played by the book and the relevant procedures are followed?

“It was a magnificent piece of aviation professionalism.”
"It’s incumbent on each of us to be vigilant and avoid complacency."
"These people knew what they were supposed to do and they did it." - "evacuation was 'text book' and an example to us all."