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The first year:
Misha's home Misha's grandfatherMisha's motherfour monthsfour monthsbright eyes and Beardie bouncegood dog!six monthsseven monthsfirst digital photomopheadthere ARE some eyes in therewetheadpony tailmakes friends easilyfirst birthdayat speedfirst birthday

The second year:
proud one-year-old who, me?running is funcan I play with those terriers?Misha likes walksMisha and Edita get along quite wellChristmas 2000Christmas 200015 MonthsMay I sit in your lap?Successful school graduate!A fall day in the woodsA fall day in the woodsa boy and his dog?an old bridge in Forest Park

The third year:
proud two-year-old amongst the Ginko leavesa windy dayFall in Forest Park

The fourth year:
a new toy! in the snowwith a favorite humanslightly brushedgettin' grungytaking his human for a walk

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