Camp Beardie 2002

Day 1, 11 June

Day 2, 12 June

Day 3, 13 June

I don't know many Beardie owners so I cannot put names, faces and dogs together like the rest of you. If you identify the name of a 2-or-4-legger in a picture, tell me the filename and I will rename it to include the name you provide. I expect that these pages will evolve over the next week or so, so check back now and then to see what is new.

A word about all of the pictures: I shot pretty much at random since we didn't know anybody. There are way too many pictures. They need to be edited down to a reasonable display. I am using this as a project to learn some new features in my favorite graphics program, "ThumbsPlus", so bear with me while I learn how to carve down the file size for bandwidth conservation and learn what color schemes are pleasant and readable on the largest variety of video monitors. All feedback will be read and considered, but I cannot promise to incorporate every suggestion.

All of these photos were made with a Kodak DC-290 2 Megapixel camera. This model has a great lens, plus I cropped many of these heavily. I have made several manual adjustments using ThumbsPlus. The original image files are about 600 KB and are generally suitable for decent prints up to 8x10 (inches). Even after judicious cropping, they will hold up well in a 4x6 print. If you see one you like or want to use in a higher resolution, I would be glad to email it to you. I now have a color printer at home so if there is no other way for you to get a print I could print it for you.

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