This photograph of the Jewsbury coat of arms was provided by Robert Eugene Landiss.

Description and meaning of the Jewsbury Coat of Arms as prepared by Clarence Jewsbury (1902 - 1998).

Heraldic description

Arms -- A paly of seven, argent, sable and azure, in chief on a human heart gules.
Crest -- on a mound vert a martlet or, wings closed.
Motto -- Alta Petit.


The shield is divided by perpendicular lines into seven parts of silver, black and blue. On top, a gold field changed with a red human heart. The crest is a martlet (a bird without feet indicating a fourth son) with the wings folded standing on a green hill. The motto is Latin: To aim at higher things.


Colors and emblems, in general, represent the characteristics of the original bearer and were granted only if he be worthy of their symbolisms.

Colors: Argent (silver) stands for sincerity and the love of peace. Sable (black) represents the fur lining of Royal robes and denotes one of dignity and one of great learning. Or (gold) stands for maturity, wisdom and generosity, and for one of elevated mind, whose interests are turned toward spiritual rather than material matters. Gules (red) represents the blood that noble ancestors have shed and signifies courage and devotion. Vert (green) represents nature that continuously renews itself and stands for vigor, determination and longevity.

Emblems: The paly is a diminutive of the pale which is one of the ancient nine honourable ordinaries which were the first to denote a man encased in armour. It stands for military fortitude and is bestowed on those who have impaled or otherwise defended towns or fortresses in the support of their country and sovereign. The human heart stands for compassion, goodness and a candid mind.


The Jewsbury family was seated in Gloucester, England, possessing extensive land holdings. The crest is on record in Fairbairn's Crests of the Leading Families of Great Britain and Ireland. However, be advised that the gentlemen of The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in England believe this is a false attribution [scanned letter].

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