Photo Albums


Alex, September 2006
Birds, Missouri and Puerto Rico
Cactus flowers - September 2011
Chihuly at MOBOT - glass sculpture at the Missouri Botanical Garden, 2006
Chihuly at Night - the glass sculptures after dark
Citygarden - in downtown Saint Louis
Elijah Shaw - Saint Louis musician
Favorites - a few from the past year or so
Gardenland Express - model railroad at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Grant's Farm - October, 2009
Inauguration, 20 January 2009
Orchids - Missouri Botanical Garden, February 2011
Orchids - Missouri Botanical Garden, February 2012
Missouri Botanical Garden - 20 March 2011
Missouri Botanical Garden - 6 March 2021
Missouri Botanical Garden - 15 April 2021
Missouri Botanical Garden - 9 May 2023
Pansies - 2 April 2011
Penguins at the Saint Louis Zoo
Pro Control A/V remote
Racing and cars
Railroad club exhibit, St. Louis Zoo
Remodeling, 2006
Shrine of Saint Joseph
Signs of Spring - March 2010
Special Olympics bowling, September 2008
Special Olympics bowling, October 2008
Special Olympics bowling, November 2008
Special Olympics bowling, October 2009
Terrie's waxwings - January 2011
Winter, January 2010
Wolf Sanctuary, 1987

More photos
Explanation of gamma
Full-frame test image from St. Joseph's Shrine
Cropped test image from Emerson Center

From Others

Air_Break_2.pps - new, hi-res aerospace slide show
Alex, October 2005
Animals, 1 - the decisive moment?
Animals, 2 - great hi-res photos, in the top 5%
Belles Voitures
Best of 2005
Best of 2007
Best positions in bed
Coolpic.pps - aero-related
Discovery - how to build a space shuttle
Eye Candy - another "best of" collection
Eye candy for aviators - PowerPoint show
Fantastic photography - PowerPoint show
Fotki - mixture of wonderful, corny, sentimental and attractive design
Garage doors - fix that snotty neighbor
Halloween 2006 - has Halloween gone to the dogs?
Hippo and tortoise
Ice storm, Constanta, Romania
Ice storm, Geneva
Images superbes
Italian police motorcycle drill team
Lego church
Little animals
Lunch on the skyscraper
Man in Space - another space shuttle PowerPoint
Missouri skies - glorious rainbows
Military aircraft - 3.2 MB slide show
My owner is an idiot
National Geographic slide show - PowerPoint show
Nature photos - PowerPoint show
NBC's best of 2005 - PowerPoint show
Občan Havel
Photoshop fun - PowerPoint show
Pictures of the week, 1
Pictures of the week, 2
Return to Flight - PowerPoint from a friend at NASA
Sand sculptures
Sights of a lifetime
Signs you wish you'd never seen
Simple Life - beautiful pictures, some old, some new
Storm photos - not really Katrina
Truck Art
Who's at the bird feeder?
Why you should always carry a camera