Atlas.CZ - good portal into CZ news
Central Europe Online - Czech Republic, Poland, Russia
Central Europe Review - politics, society and culture
Charles University home page - oldest university in Central Europe
Czech Technical University - where I taught in 1988
Czech television "CT1" - streaming video
Czech television "Nova"
Czech webring
English/Czech and Czech/English dictionary
In your pocket
Internet Dnes - new (Czech language only)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - government home page (English)
Neviditelný Pes - diverse Czech-language newsletter
News from radio Praha - in six languages, with audio clips
News sources - in Czech only
Photos - from my trips
Prague spot - tourism and accommodations
Radio Prague - live, several languages
TravelCook - useful information, hotel reservations, etc.
Tripedia - Czech Republic Travel Guide

"The degree of civil liberty is not measured by the way the state treats millions of those who agree with it, but rather how it treats a dozen who don't." -- Ludvík Vaculík

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