International Education

On 31 July 1998, participants in the Digital Electronics Technicians Workshop in Georgetown, Guyana (S.A.) made the first connection from the Government Technical Institute to the Internet. The workshop, led by Daniel Landiss, Professor of Technology at Florissant Valley Community College, was one of three held in Guyana this year as part of the Guyana Ministry of Education/Community Colleges for International Development/University Development Linkage Project. Other workshops were led by Dr. Robert Palank of Florissant Valley and Dr. Nancy Gammon of Harris-Stowe State College. The five-year, $1.47 million project is managed by Pete Kellams, Director of International Education for St. Louis Community College; and funded by the United States Agency for International Development.

Landiss chose a project-based format for his workshop, which he says "the participants liked immediately. It not only gave them a focus for each day's activities, but also helped them identify technical competencies which they will include in their own classes". He further noted that project-based modules worked so well that he plans to adopt that method for many of the classes he teaches in St. Louis.

Dr. Gammon led a workshop on "Best Teaching Practices" to help the participants with the art of teaching; and Dr. Palank's workshop assisted his Guyanese colleagues with their understanding of computerized word processing, spreadsheet, database, graphics and presentation programs.

While in Guyana the three St. Louisans met with Minister of Education Dr. Dale Bisnauth, Permanent Secretary Hydar Ally, Deputy Chief Education Officer for Technology Sydney Walters, and the principals of several institutes and colleges.

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