Alain Castellana hill climbs

405-hi[1].wmv - the Interstate 405 International Airport
Being a cop is hard
bicycle madness
Bullet art
Can animals reason?
Discover the Discovery - the space shuttle, that is
F14.mpeg - breaking the sound barrier at sea level
Fanstastic machine - if only it were real ...
FlyingPorsche.mpeg - who needs wheels?
hayabusa.wmv - life in the fast lane
hhonda-ad-300k.swf - a tribute to Rube Goldberg
Hummer in Iraq - must have been driven by Blackwater
I'm not going to flinch! - sure...
lucky driver - or just stupid? - McLaren supercar at 391 kph
Memories of Saint Louis - and some are still active!
model airplane - or is it a dragonfly?
motorcycle wobble crash
Renault F1 - God Save the Queen
Renault F1 on a dyno - after it starts you can right-click the movie and choose "Zoom, Full Screen".
Ringmeister - Hans Stuck attacks the Nurburgring CAUTION: 52 MB!
roofball.wmv - not a game for everyone
Russian air show 2006 - 5 MB PowerPoint
SAAB Performance Team.wmv - spinning SAABs
ScreenWiper - needs Adobe Flash
Space shuttle heads-up display 
Space dancing - zero gravity
topgear1.wmv - durable Toyota on British TV
topgear2.wmv - above, continued
Way Cool Toy - be the first in your neighborhood!
wetF1start.mpeg - not for the faint of heart
WinXP.mpe - Windows ad?

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