13 weeks
M@#237;ša II

Misha II is a Bearded Collie. He was born 4 December 2012 and arrived at the Landiss house 20 April 2013.

Misha (Míša) is pronounced "MEE-sha" and is a Slavic nickname for names like Michael and Mikhail (Baryshnikov). Appropriately enough, it is also a fond Czech name for a Teddy Bear!

     Paternal grandfather: AMCH Daybar All Shook Up
     Paternal grandmother: AMCH Daybar Caught U Looking
Sire: AMCH Daybar Fizzical Attraction at Lakewood (Guy)

     Maternal grandfather: AMCH CANCH INTCH Autumnlane's Li'l Deuce Coupe
     Maternal grandmother: AMCH Fivefields Black Muddy River
Dam: AMCH Rivercity's Sugar Magnolia (Nola)

The breed originated, and still exists, as sheep herders in the highlands of Scotland. They are a lot smarter than they look -- just ask any Beardie owner!

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