Landiss/Jewsbury and Lenhardt/Olsen Family Photographs

Currently available are:

Albert and Ernst Lenhardt, 1896
Albert George Lenhardt, 1920s
Albert George and Richard Allen Lenhardt, Sep 1944
Anderson Landers
Anderson Landers's tombstone
Archie Houston Landers's tombstone
Arthur Lee Landers
Augustine Landis's tombstone
Elgin Cicero Landers
Eligah Gilliam and Martha Hinkle Landers
Esther Landiss's tombstone
F. S., S. L., B. S. and E. C. Landers
Francis B. O'Brient's tombstone
Granville County, NC marriages
Hirzel, Switzerland, 2000
Hirzel, Switzerland, about 1998
Howard, Robert, Francis and Charles Landiss
Isaac Landiss's tombstone
Jane King Landiss's tombstone
Jewsbury coat of arms
Jewsbury family, 1902
Josephine Olsen and Herman Schneider
Landis homestead, Hirzel, Switzerland
Landiss family, 1942
Landiss and Lenhardt families, Sep 1950
Lenhardt family, spring 1943
Lenhardt family, Sep 1950
Lenhardt family, summer 1951
Mary Emily Hamlin's tombstone
Mary Landiss Brown's tombstone
Norma Lenhardt and Robert Landiss, 1942
Norma and Viola Lenhardt, 1943
Richard Allen Lenhardt, Feb 1945
Rowland Landers's tombstone
William Clark Landiss, 1889
William Clark Landiss, 1908
William Clark and Daniel Jay Landiss, 1943
William Elgin and Paul Bivins Landers
William Henderson Landiss, 1880s
William H. and Mary F. Landiss's tombstone

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